Banana Divers Sierra Leone

Banana Divers Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is usually off the bitten track for people looking for adventure destinations in Africa but if you’re looking for extraordinary and Authentic adventures of a lifetime with few or no tourism then Sierra Leone is where you need to look out for the diving experience.

Banana Divers is the only scuba diving center on Banana Island. As it happens it’s the only diving center in the whole of Sierra Leone (and would be the only one in West Africa apart from the other one in Dakar). Searching for lost shipwrecks of the 1700s around Banana Island can be an experience of a lifetime. There is nothing ordinary about diving here, you feel the element of adventure from the preparations, the transportation to the sites, the dive itself. Beautiful aquatic life in colorful environments, mostly tropical species, and mild currents make for a great dive. The staffs are professional, knowledgeable and the dives are planned with safety in mind. Banana Divers is located at Daltons Banana Guesthouse resort area. It will be good to check with the divemaster the current tides timetable to head out at the best time. Accommodation at the resort is reasonably priced.

Banana Island offers the best scuba diving in Sierra Leone and some of the best scuba diving in West Africa. The islands are 5-15 miles off the coast, amongst the rich aquatic life and the clear waters of the ocean. Visibility is far better than the mainland shores and the diversity of species is greater due to the proximity to the open waters. The length/ shape of the island ensures that calm/clear waters can be always found around the island regardless of wind and tides. Established in 2009 the scuba diving center Banana Divers is equipped with everything needed for a safe and pleasant experience. Several boats, experienced skippers, 2 breathing air compressors, up to date equipment and a Padi Professional will offer a great time to experienced divers or beginners who want just a taste of scuba diving with the PADI DSD program.

An advance booking is required for the proper arrangement for more information contact wilderness Explorers Africa.

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