Saint Helena Post box walks

Saint Helena Post box walks

Walking in St Helena isn’t like anywhere else – no fences are going to protect you from cliff edges, and sometimes the terrain (such as the screen on coastal walks) takes some getting used to. The toughest bit of the Barn hike is the ridge, downhill on screen, a narrow path with cliff edge on the left and ‘death by cactus’ on the right. Don’t go for the first time without a guide, and absolutely wear the right shoes. If you’re not a practiced walker, don’t do this at all. But if you are a strong walker, then well, if this was skiing this would be a ‘black’ run, and if you can easily handle this, then you might as well start asking locals about the ‘blue dot walks’.

Diana’s Peak

The highest postbox in the South Atlantic is located up at Diana’s Peak, along with the standard postbox stamp so you can authenticate reaching the highest point of St Helena. Beginning either from Cabbage Tree Road or Black Gate, you can follow a circular route, with the option of taking a marked detour off Cabbage Tree Road to Halley’s Mount.

Sandy Bay Barn

With impressive views as well as challenges, the approach road to Sandy Bay is spoken of with respect: a steep, narrow, winding slip of a road which is one of the most testings on St Helena. But make your way slowly down, past the flax, the buddleia, the coffee plantation, the tiny Baptist church, and the thorn trees laden with shimmering morning glory and you’ll understand why it’s worth the effort.

Blue Point

This moderate postbox walk is also one of the most popular. It follows the edge of the wonderfully titled Gates of Chaos (belying its melodramatic name, the gradient is generally gradual).

South West Point

It’s hard to resist the allure of this lovely long walk to the westernmost point of the island, the first hour of which is spent winding up around an open hillside, dramatically overlooking Sperry Island.

Lot’s Wife’s Ponds

The end of the track leading down to Sandy Bay is the starting point for this, justifiably the most popular of the postbox walks. As spectacular as this walk undoubtedly is, it is definitely not for anyone with vertigo and is better undertaken with an experienced guide.

for more information about Hiking and walks visit the official website of the Saint Helena safaris.

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