Saint Helena Dolphin & whale watching

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Saint Helena Dolphin & whale watching

St Helena offers the chance to see dolphins in the wild and at arm’s length is a rarity and should not be missed. Watch them cavort and dance as nature intended.

Whales are common around St. Helena, and can often be seen from the island. If you are lucky you may be able to get close to one.  The above mentioned operators also offer whale watching tours, just ask them.

We also get regular visits from whale sharks the largest known extant fish species, averaging nearly 10m long and sometimes weighing more than 20 tonnes. These enormous and completely harmless (to humans! animals are stunning to watch… Although normally solitary creatures, at the end of January 2013 a group of 17 Whale Sharks were spotted around St. Helena, much to the delight of ecologists and tourists alike. To protect the species he following rules was published regarding human interaction with Whale Sharks.

Dive Saint Helena offers of a wide variety of diving experiences and packages for all levels of diving expertise. You could be a beginner, the summer diving enthusiast, or an all-year-round professional.

Dive Saint Helena can accommodate almost anyone who wants to dive St Helena.  Offering tailored dive tours which could be a combination of wreck diving ledge diving, or a more relaxing excursion site seeing around the amazing large rocky outcrops with an average visibility of 15 – 20 meters on most days (dependent on season).

If you are an open water diver (or equivalent) you will still be able to dive at most of St Helena’s popular dive sites which has an average depth of 10 – 18 meters. Most of our dive excursions to wrecks and artificial reefs are located on the leeward side of the Island which means that you will experience a comfortable an enjoyable dive on most days.

Dive Saint Helena also operates an approved PADI dive training facility, we run dive courses for beginners and experienced students from our dive shack in Jamestown and our courses and certification is managed by our MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer), Craig

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