Lemon valley St Helena

Lemon valley St Helena

Great spot for some snorkeling in a historic bay, there are some BBQ areas, a place for sunbathing and some toilets too. The post box walk starts from near Rosemary Plain if you’re interested in a bit of exercise – it’s a tough one though as the down and then the backup is repetitive on the old legs!

Difficult to get to you may well sail past the opening to this valley.

They used to grow lemons here in a much-protected valley to retro vision passing ships. Not clear whether the lemon trees are still producing fruit but interesting history.

This is one of my first walks to look Starting at Rosemary Plain; you will walk down the valleys into lemon valley bay. Plenty of ruins, old fortifications, and the old quarantine station that the scouts use now for weekend camping. There is a landing stage for the water ferry, plus swinging from and fishing.

It has some of the most beautiful scenery but understands the Valley is steep and the going is hard. However, you are rewarded for your perseverance!

How to get to Lemon Valley St Helena

Never in our history has there been a road to the lemon valley there is a navigable footpath from Rosemary Plain, but it is poor and tricky so is rarely used. By far the commonest route is by sea. Boats run from Jamestown and can be booked at the Tourist office Many Dolphin watching trips include a short stop at Lemon Valley.

If you must try the walking route the path starts from the roadside just below Rosemary Plain and initially follows the contour through woodland to the head of Sarah’s Valley. From here the path descends into the increasingly arid landscape before joining Lemon Valley. Towards the valley mouth, the remains of buildings from a quarantine station and settlement are encountered. There is a post box adjacent to one of these. This is a personal recollection of the walk:

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