Hiking to Prosperous Bay St Helena

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Hiking to Prosperous Bay St Helena

In some ways, Prosperous Bay is a bit of a misnomer as this is on the less populated side of the island, with the scrubby ground where the endemic Wirebird can be found. However, you get terrific views towards the Barn and the airport, as well as towards Diana’s Peak and the island’s lush interior. Nearby is the amazing Millennium Forest, an ambitious and inspiring project to restore the island’s native vegetation (denuded over centuries by goats and invasive species brought in by settlers). You can plant a tree for £10 if you visit the National Trust office in Jamestown. Also, look out for the St Helena ebony flower thought to be instinct but found by a local botanist, clinging to a remote cliff and now, while still officially endangered, brought back to more healthy and sustainable numbers. Oh yes – and you’ll need a car to get here as it would be a long up and down the walk from any of the settlements!

Prosperous Bay is a stunning coastal walk, down the side of a long valley. It passes a series of picturesque waterfalls (albeit with little water). There is a huge ‘hidden’ valley near the top and a very broad beach at the bottom with pools for swimming and some interesting old military buildings. The time estimate for the walk is about 4-5 hours and if you’re into real challenge then you shouldn’t miss this hike.

Wow, the views! The valley, the beach, the waterfall! The start of this walk has changed a bit but you can get to it via the road to the airport, there is a layby on the left after the Wirebird signs (LOADS of Wirebird here) and walk directly to the coast until you reach the information board. Keep going on what starts looking like a path and you will find yourself on the right-hand side of the valley. Absolutely stunning. It’s a workout but a moderately difficult walk – not as tough as Lemon Valley, Sharks Valley for example.

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