Hiking Barn Mountain St Helena

Hiking Barn Mountain St Helena

High Knoll Fort is a redoubt-style fort of the English East India Company on Saint Helena, an island and British overseas territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. High Knoll is 584 meters above sea level and is approximately one mile south of historic Lower Jamestown.

This is usually the last stop on the Anglo Boer War Prison Camps of St Helena Island that is usually exciting and one of the must-see activities to do.

The tour takes you all over the island and this amazing stop and extremely perfect. From here you can see a big part of the island and where you had no perspective of how big the island is.

The Fort itself is a little run-down but you still got the feel of how people lived here.

Although it is a big fort and you can read some information about it on the posters around, the best part of it is watching the sunset if you can. Of course, it will depend on the weather and the time of the year.
Beautiful view!

History of High knoll St Helena

High Knoll Fort stands 600 meters above sea level and is the largest, most prominent, and most complete of the forts and military installations on the island. It is located to the southwest of and overlooking Jameson town. It is designated as a Grade one listed building and has twice been voted one of the seven wonders of Saint Helena The current fort was built by the Royal Engineers in 1874, but this structure incorporated an earlier fort on the site built in around 1790 by Governor Brooke. This earlier fort comprised a high, square structure with two outer towers and stone ramparts. On Read’s 1817 map this fort was named ‘High Knoll Citadel’.

When to visit the high knoll

For those here then visit in that may be spectacle about good weather should visit in the morning and if you’re looking at sunset the evening.

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