Nyungwe Forest Canopy Walk in Uwinka

Nyungwe Forest Canopy Walk in Uwinka

Suspended above a ravine in the lush montane rainforest of Nyungwe national park, the canopy walkway provides an exhilarating perspective on the ancient treetops and wildlife.

The 160m long and 70m high Suspension Bridge is accessible as part of a guided tour along the Igishigishigi trail, or to those hiking the Imbaraga or Umuyove trails.

Having escaped the last ice age, the Nyungwe forest is a hotbed of biodiversity. Along the hour’s walk to the canopy walkway from the Uwinka Reception Centre, visitors will see countless butterflies, orchids, and colorful birds, including many endemic to the region.

In 2019, Nyungwe’s canopy walkway was named the Best Canopy Walkway in the world by Lonely Planet. This is not a small feat as there were many other great and unique walkways in the world such as Singapore’s OCBC Skyway and Montverde Sky Walk in Costa Rica. The Lonely Planet motivates the true rainforest with its 13 primate species and the endless number of birds and butterflies as part of the motivation to the number one spot.

The canopy walkway is best enjoyed during an early morning walk when the weather is generally better and the risk of rain is lower. Many birds and other animals are also active during this time. The trails that lead to the canopy walkway can also be combined with hikes to other interesting places such as the Kamiranzovu swamp.

What to pack for the Canopy walk in the Nyungwe forest

The canopy walkway measures a total of 160 meters in length and is suspended 74 meters from the ground across a deep valley filled with thick forest. The canopy walk tour starts at Uwinka which is also the park’s headquarters and the round trip takes from 1.5 to 2 hours long.

Hikers will need to pack Hiking shoes or boots, a rain jacket, a snack if you must especially for children, a bottle of water, and of course your camera to capture the memorable moments.

Price of Nyungwe canopy walk

The canopy walk is a guided tour done by persons of 6 years and above at a fee of 60 USD per walk per person though these prices are subjected to changes however please contact our Rwanda safari experts. Though a 6-year-old can do the walk, it’s advisable that adults always accompany the children.

Best time for visiting Nyungwe forest for the Canopy walk

The Canopy walk and hike in Nyungwe Forest National Park can be done throughout the year with the best time being in the dry season. However, there are high chances of rainfall while you are on the hike, so it is advisable to carry a raincoat along with you on the day you go hiking to the canopy.