Nature and Hiking trails in Nyungwe National Park

Nature and Hiking trails in Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National park is a natural forest located in the southwest of the Rwandan capital Kigali, the forest is known for chimpanzee trekking and other primate species. When visiting this park you should consider the hiking trails in Nyungwe National park. These trails reward the visitors with a great chance to discover this natural forest. Nyungwe has many hiking nature trails that take visitors to all parts of the park and trails vary from one another depending on the length, altitude and time to spend for hiking that trail. Hiking trails in Nyungwe national park are as important for nature lovers as it rewards the discovery of many orchids that Nyungwe national park is known for as it has 160 orchids that represent the 66% of total orchid found in Rwanda.

Umuyovu trail

The Umuyove trail rewards visitors to access the primates in the park namely: chimpanzees, white, colobus monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabey, and Angola black monkeys, this is one of the recommended trails for nature walks in Nyungwe forest national park, clients will need to bring their binoculars along with them

Uwinka trail

One of the great trails for avid hikers is Uwinka trail, on the trail you will be blown away by the size of trees and the serene of the surroundings and it’s also a top spot to see monkeys like blue monkeys and grey-cheeked mangabey.

Igishigishigi trail

Scary but extraordinary, the Igishigishigi trail is part of the suspended 90m by 60 m suspended bridge which is referred to as the canopy walk, this provides one of the most spectacular views in the park and we recommend doing this as part of your tour plan in Nyungwe forest.

Isumo waterfall trail

One of the most beautiful walking trails in Nyungwe forest is the Isumo waterfall trail, this trail is exceptionally fruitful and it offers you great chances to see perfect nature, some of the sightings on this trail include butterflies during the hike and, birds, insects, and some primates before coming face to face with the beautiful Isumo falls.

Congo Nile Divide trail

This is an adventure, the 42 km trail leads you towards the Rwanda-Burundi border where you will come face to face with the River that comes from Burundi and flows all the way to meet the Nile and this is one of the most adventurers’ trails in Nyungwe forest.

Bigugu trail

This is a birders paradise, this trail leads to one of the highest peaks in the park and it’s one of the top habitats for rear endemics, its a hard trek, and clients need to be physically fit to do this trek.

Karamba trails

Another classic birding trail in Nyungwe forest national park is the Karamba trail, this trail is a little flat and easier you will have great Chances to see great birdlife and nature around you.

Kamiranzovu trail

One of the greatest water draining trails this massive swamp provides water for Isumo falls and is one of the great breeding areas for birdlife in Nyungwe forest national park during the dry season a lot of wildlife is seen here.

Irebero trail

One of the highest altitude trails in Nyungwe forest is the Irebero trail; this also provides great chances to see beautiful birds and a lot of flowers attract lots of sunbirds making it a great trail to hike in the park.

Umugote trail

Famous for the Syzygium tree and it’s pretty and takes about 3 hours.

Ngabwe trail

If you’re looking for scenic views on a trail in the Nyungwe forest, the Ngabwe trail is a great choice for your hike.

Buhoro trail

Very short trail and easy to hike with great nature around, the two hours can be worth in the forest.

Rukuzi trail

The small trail may reward you with sounds of chimpanzees and you will have a great chance to see the Bandas village.

Imbaraga trail

The name Imbaraga in the Kinyarwanda language means energy; it takes almost 6 hours to hike the length of 10km, this is a great one for those wanting to take a forest challenge.

Muzimu trail

This is the park’s second-highest summit and takes about 4-5 hours to hike the 5 km distance and you will have a great chance of seeing birds.

Best time for hiking in Nyungwe forest national park

The best time to visit Nyungwe forest national park for nature and hiking trails is from late May to early September and from December to February.