Monkey Tracking in Nyungwe Forest

Monkey Tracking in Nyungwe Forest

Nyungwe Forest National Park is popularly known as one of Africa’s oldest and largely reserved tropical rain forests that have remained intact up to now with rich biodiversity. The National park is a spectacular montane forest Park known for incredible tourist attractions but most specifically as home to a number of primate species which include endemics to the Albertine Rift. Primates in Nyungwe National Park that have been recorded add up to 13 primate species that include a population of the great chimpanzee apes living alongside numerous species of monkeys that we name below.

Nyungwe forest national park is home to 13 monkey species hence the best spot for monkey trekking. While in Nyungwe forest national park, expect to meet different species of monkeys, which include L’ hoest monkeys, black and white colobus, blue monkeys, and red-tailed monkeys among others. These monkeys are similar in character but are only differentiated by their colors. Monkey trekking is a very joyful experience given that monkeys are lively and playful creatures that keep you alert all the time by their continuous movements, shouts while jumping over you across tree branches.

With experienced ranger guides, you will head into the forest to trek monkeys, this is one of the classic encounters with the primates, on a good day in the forest you may count about 5-6 species of primates, we highly recommend clients to do this activity as part of nature walks while in Nyungwe forest.

Best time for primate tracking in Nyungwe forest national park

Nyungwe Forest is open for Monkey trekking and hiking throughout the year. The wet months, from October to May, are the best time for Monkey trekking and forest birding but rain can also pose a huge threat to disruptions on the day of activity making dry season from June to September more preferably due to favorable weather.