Gisakura tea farm Visit near Nyungwe Forest

Gisakura tea farm Visit near Nyungwe Forest

Hugging the undulating hills at the western fringes of Nyungwe Forest National Park, the Gisakura Tea Estate is among the most famous of Rwanda’s tea plantations, and certainly among the most beautiful. Tours and tastings are easily arranged, and while there is currently no accommodation on the plantation itself, there are guesthouses just a short walk or drive away.

Tea was introduced in Rwanda in 1952 and is now one of the country’s largest exports. The fertile volcanic soil and temperate climate make for perfect tea growing conditions.

The majority of tea is cultivated on large plantations, with a small contribution from tea cooperatives and private growers. Tea plants can be seen covering the rolling hills, their rich green a striking contrast to the blue skies, dirt roads, and sunshine.

 Rich volcanic soil, gently sloping grounds. The secret behind the perfect cup of tea starts right here in Gisakura Tea Estate. Hugging the rippling hills at the western fringes of Nyungwe National Park, our estate is among the most famous of Rwanda’s tea plantations and is certainly the most spectacular.

The Gisakura Tea Plantation visit in Nyungwe National Park is often done in the morning and afternoon when the farmers are busy in the cool hours of the day harvesting the tea leaves in the tea plantation. You will meet the local farmers, undergoing their usual daily life on the tea farm, and you will be introduced to them, by your local site guide, who will enable you to join the group, who will be busy harvesting the tea leaves.

Clients will participate in the hand picking of tea leaves, as you share lots of Knowledge, learning about how tea is grown, to harvesting. You will later leave the tea plantation, and drive to the Gisakura tea factory; here you will learn more about tea processing at the Gisakura tea factory. You will get to see and witness tea being processed, and each step will be explained to you by the site guide. Later, you can as well be served ready tea, to have a test of the finest tea being produced.