Musanze Market Rwanda

Musanze Market Rwanda

Poised to become one of Rwanda’s major cities, Musanze’s strategic location in the foothills of the Virunga Massif is attractive to tourism, business, and agriculture, with notably fertile land in the surrounding region.

Set at an altitude of 1,850m, the city is a convenient base for gorilla tracking with the Kinigi headquarters 13km away. For those keen to stay closer to the edge of the Volcanoes National Park, there are various boutique lodges along its fringes with spectacular views and a more rural setting.

Things to do in and around Musanze town Rwanda

Musanze serves as the area’s administrative, commercial, and service capital. It is a bustling town with plenty of local character. A daily market is held in the new market compound in the center of town. All kinds of goods essential to the daily life of the local residents are sold or exchanged here and you can also find interesting souvenirs and handicrafts as well. The market is open all day and is safe to visit provided you take the usual and evident precautionary measures. It is best visited accompanied by your driver-guide who can provide you with interesting information, help you find what you are looking for, and assist you in the bargaining process.

Musanze is a hassle-free and buzzing city, with plenty of choices for eating out, ATMs to withdraw cash, vibrant nightlife, markets, and artisanal trades.

Excursions from Musanze include guided tours to the Musanze cavesbicycle tours, and a chance to meet the Rwandan cycling team at the Africa Rising Cycling Centre, the Buhanga Eco-Park, and the little-known lakes of KaragoBurera, and Ruhondo.

Day trips to Musanze town

After gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park travelers can explore the Musanze town and visit the local market and interact with the farmers and see how agriculture is transpiring their lives.

And tourism has become a big development tool in the town as many tourist hotels and lodges have been established as a result of the growing numbers of tourists that come to see the mountain gorillas.

Why you should take this Tour

If you visit the town you may buy some items hence contributing directly to the farmer’s income and this makes them appreciate the importance of tourism in the area and remembers some of the farmers come from the nearby villages bordering Volcanoes National Park.

When to visit the Musanze town

It’s important to note that the markets are active in the evening hours as many of the farmers will first go to the farms in the morning to harvest what they will take to the market for sale so morning hours are usually quiet.



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