Kinigi village walk Musanze

Kinigi village walk

Situated at an altitude of 2,200m bordering volcanoes national park, Kinigi is a sector within Musanze district with 5 villages and 28 sub-villages with a total population of 22,271 habitants of which 10, 105 are men and 12,166 are female on a total surface area of which is 15.3% of the total Musanze district surface area. Kinigi residents live on subsistence farming and Irish potatoes are widely grown in this area.

Taking Kinigi Cultural Experience is a better way to experience the community surrounding extending to the heart of Kinigi taking you to various villages, landscapes and the natural beauty and different ways of how people in Kinigi live within their natural atmosphere and how they have managed to leave near the park in harmony with the mountain gorillas in the same area despite high demand for natural resources in the forest, as a source of remedy and how amicably community command great respect for the natural world that they cherish for a better livelihood. Kinigi Cultural experience is the best way to experience the authentic local cultural highlights of Rwandan people, history and culture and getting to learn more about the traditional lifestyles and culture that affect the modern ways of Rwandan peoples living.

Kinigi Village Walk

Kinigi village walk is a walk through the heart of Kinigi where tourists experience the Rwandan cultural ways of living, the beautiful landscape and geological components underlying the formation of Kinigi’s landscape, what lies underneath and the difference with what the surface holds. The walk takes 2-3 hours through the beautiful landscape of Kinigi.

Local market and vending

This twice a week market in Kinigi’s centre is full of colour, excitement and bustling with local and wonderful activities in an open-air market, giving visitors an opportunity to experience what the daily life of a local vendor is all about. This local market sells everything you need but it is always foodstuffs that stand out. The local farmers bring their produce for sell and others come in to buy what they need after selling much of what they produced. There is a lot of haggling taking place and the sellers want to sell at a higher price and the buyer wants to buy at a low price, both need a strong communicator/negotiator to get what they want and convincing others to accept your offer. After the buying and selling, local people get time to share a local beer with friends before they go back and sometimes they don’t take back a coin of what they had come for in the market.

History of the people

During the walk, you will have direct talks with the local people and get to know what life is like during the genocide and after the genocide which is one of the best ways to experience the ethnic history of Rwanda.

When to book the Kinigi village walk

Travellers can book this walk any time of the day however an advance booking is required for the proper preparation of the people as they are farmers and do not wait for travellers to visit to earn living so you may find them on their farms.



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