Kinigi Cycling Tours

Kinigi Cycling Tours

Our land of a thousand hills is an excellent destination for off-the-beaten-track cycling, with almost endless trails and roads crisscrossing the territory. Exploring Rwanda’s countryside on a bike is an authentic and rewarding way to interact with the rural population, with a huge dose of natural beauty.

Arguably the greatest route is the Congo Nile Trail, a 227km itinerary which runs roughly parallel to the eastern shore of Lake Kivu. Starting in Rubavu and ending in Rusizi, the journey takes about five days, although it is possible to do single stages for those with less time or dedication.

Kinigi biking tours

Travelers who are keen on biking tours can book biking tours around volcanoes national park, the countries developed infrastructure and incredible land makes it one of the best places for biking in east Africa and Rwanda’s rising stars have been participating in the international tournament of a tour de France and you can also meet them at their offices few kilometers to the park headquarters in Kinigi.

As part of the Kinigi village activities you can also hire the services of a local cyclist to guide you through the incredible landscapes of the area this is possible after gorilla trekking in the country’s dense forest cover and this can be booked any time.

Hiring cycling equipment

Travelers can hire riding equipment from the lodge or from the village offices in Kinigi and this might be charged extra.

How to book the Kinigi biking tours

Wilderness explorers Africa can help you arrange an all-inclusive biking tour during your visit to Volcanoes national park, or travelers can book through the national park headquarters in Kinigi but preferably supporting the local community is the best option hence providing direct employment to the Local Guides.

When to book the Kinigi biking tours

The biking tours can be booked any time of the year but due to the temperatures in the middle of the day the best time to ride is in the morning and in the evening when the temperatures are cooler and travelers must avoid the busy roads as the Rwandan road network does not provide a riding lane for bikers and their roads are busy with the local taxi and the common motor cycles called “Moto”



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