List of Birds of The Republic of Reunion

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List of Birds of The Republic of Reunion

Although its lowland forests are all but gone, vast tracts of montane rainforest still remain intact on Reunion’s rugged slopes. In fact, Reunion retains more original forest than any other Indian Ocean Island does. So its endemic birdlife has suffered a little less than is the case on the other Mascarenes. There are two places on the island where almost all the endemic land birds can be seen during a single morning walk: La Roches Ecrite in the mountains above the capital, St Denis, and the beautiful Bebour-Belouve Forest near the town La Plaine des Palmistes. There, you ought to see Reunion Cuckoo-shrike, Reunion bulbul, Reunion stonechat, Reunion grey white-eye, and Reunion olive white-eye quite easily. Only the Cuckoo-shrike is rare. Also often spotted are Mascarene swiftlet and Mascarene paradise flycatcher, both of which are more plentiful here than on Mauritius. And keep a lookout for the attractive Reunion harrier, which is also present in Madagascar. It is the only raptor found in Reunion, where it is quite widespread.

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  • African swamphen
  • Antarctic giant petrel
  • Barau’s petrel
  • Bar-tailed godwit
  • Black kite
  • Black-bellied plover
  • Black-browed albatross
  • Blue-breasted quail
  • Bridled tern
  • Broad-billed prion
  • Broad-billed roller
  • Brown noddy
  • Cape canary
  • Cape petrel
  • Cattle egret
  • Chinese francolin
  • Common greenshank
  • Common myna
  • Common quail
  • Common ringed plover
  • Common sandpiper
  • Common waxbill
  • Crab-plover
  • Curlew sandpiper
  • Eleonora’s falcon
  • Eurasian curlew
  • Eurasian moorhen
  • Flesh-footed shearwater
  • Garganey
  • Gray francolin
  • Great crested tern
  • Great frigatebird
  • Greater flamingo
  • Greater sand-plover
  • Hall’s giant petrel
  • House sparrow
  • Indian yellow-nosed albatross
  • Jungle-bush quail
  • Lesser flamingo
  • Lesser frigatebird
  • Lesser noddy
  • Light-mantled albatross
  • Madagascan buttonquail
  • Madagascar partridge
  • Madagascar pond-heron
  • Madagascar pratincole
  • Malagasy turtle dove
  • Mascarene martin
  • Mascarene paradise flycatcher
  • Mascarene petrel
  • Mascarene swiftlet
  • Masked bobby
  • Meller’s duck
  • Nutmeg mannikin
  • Oriental pratincole
  • Red avadavat
  • Red fody
  • Red jungle fowl
  • Red-billed quelea
  • Red-footed bobby
  • Red-whiskered bulbul
  • Reunion bulbul
  • Reunion cuckoo shrike
  • Reunion gallinule
  • Reunion gray white-eye
  • Reunion harrier
  • Reunion ibis
  • Reunion night-heron
  • Reunion olive white-eye
  • Reunion rail
  • Reunion sheldgoose
  • Reunion stonechat
  • Ring-necked pheasant
  • Roseate tern
  • Rose-ringed parakeet
  • Ruddy turnstone
  • Salvin’s albatross
  • Sanderling
  • Slender-billed prion
  • Sooty albatross
  • Sooty falcon
  • Sooty tern
  • Striated heron
  • Terek sandpiper
  • Tropical shearwater
  • Verreaux’s eagle owl
  • Village weaver
  • Wandering albatross
  • Wedge-tailed shearwater
  • Whimbrel
  • Whiskered tern
  • White tern
  • White wagtail
  • White-bellied storm petrel
  • White-faced whistling duck
  • White-tailed tropical bird
  • White-winged tern
  • Wilson’s storm petrel
  • Yellow-fronted canary
  • Zebra dove

Best time for Birding in The Republic of Reunion

Reunion has a hot subtropical climate with sea temperatures that rarely drop below 23°C. The dry season is May to October, with temperatures 20-25°C. November to March is more humid, with most rain and occasional cyclones in January and February. The interior uplands have an almost temperate climate. It can be cool in the mountains and it’s advisable to have some warm clothing for the evenings. In October 2006 it did actually snow on the Piton des Neiges which is over 3,000 meters high.