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Visit Nok Village in Kaduna State Nigeria

Nok village is located in the Kaduna State of central Nigeria, 160 kilometers northeast of Baro. The Nok civilization was discovered in 1928 due to tin mining that was happening in the area and earned its name due to the Nok civilization that used to inhabit the area from around 500 BC. Mysteriously the people of the village vanished in about 200 AD. These people were known for their extremely advanced social system and were the earliest producers of life-sized Terracotta in the Sub-Sahara.

Hugely historical, archaeologists have found human skeletons, stone tools, and rock paintings around this area, not to mention the main act. The inhabitants of what is now called Nok Village were known to make some of the oldest and culturally intriguing sculptures found in Africa. This led to discoveries that the ancient culture of Nok has been around for some 2500 years. When strolling through the village your senses will be delighted to rediscover an amazing group of people culturally and socially.

Not much is known about the purposes of these popular sculptures but some theories have suggested they were used as charms to prevent crop failure, illness, and infertility. You’ll really feel as if you’ve had the best history lesson of your life. Weapons of war, terra cotta heads of man and animals are abundant as you realize your dream is actually a reality. Nok village is a great place to take your family and be able to learn together about our world’s amazing past. see all the tourist attractions in Kaduna state

How to get to Nok Village in Kaduna State Nigeria

Nok Village in Kaduna State has located 160 km from the main capital Abuja and a 4×4 safari vehicle is possible.

Where to stay while visiting Nok Village in Kaduna State

Quarter house hotel is one of the places to stay while visiting Nok village in Kaduna state.

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