Visit Lake Chad Nigeria

Visit Lake Chad Nigeria

Lake Chad is a vast area of freshwater located in the middle of sand dunes that cover territories in 4 countries: Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, and Chad. Paleography informs us that Lake Chad has been constantly evolving with respect to the environmental conditions. Its geology has undergone variations which are the object of numerous controversies. The current area is around 17,000 km2 (measured during its high point at the end of the rainy season). It is an endorheic lake fed mainly by the Logone Chari and Komadougou watercourses.

At the intersection of Chad, Nigeria, Niger, and Cameroon lie Lake Chad. Once one of the world’s largest lakes, it is now a shadow of its former self. It is still economically important, however, to provide water to the more than 20 million people who live in the countries surrounding it. Lake Chad is believed to be a remnant of a former inland sea. This body of water has expanded and contracted with climate changes over 13,000 years. Around 4000 BC, Lake Chad would have been at its largest at around 400 000 km2. Since 1966 Lake Chad has shrunk from 30,000 km2 to just 3,000 km2. The region has experienced a significant decline in rainfall over this period while demand for water from the local population has accelerated significantly.

Up to one million waterbirds flock to the lake in the Palearctic winter. The many floating islands are home to a wide variety of wildlife including crocodiles, hippopotamus, fish, waterfowl, and shorebirds. In April 2008 the Lake Chad Wetlands in Nigeria was added to the Ramsar List, a List of Wetlands of International importance.

4WD and a guide are required when traveling in this area. Abandoned once-thriving fishing villages can be seen dotted along the route, the closest shores of the lake now some 10km away. A fishing industry does still exist, with some fishing villages have sprung up in the middle of the drying lake.

The Lake Chad Game Reserve is currently the only protected area on Lake Chad. It occupies 150km along the western shore which constitutes more than half of the Nigerian shoreline of the lake and covers 7,044 km2.

How to get to Lake Chad Nigeria

Lake Chad is located in the far west of Chad and the northeast of Nigeria. Parts of the lake also extend to Niger and Cameroon. It is fed mainly by the Chari River through the Lagone tributary, which used to provide 90 percent of its water and it’s over 1000 km from Abuja and it can be a massive two-day drive, and travelers wanting to visit the Lake can visit from Chad side.

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