Trek White-faced Monkeys & Gorillas in Nigeria

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Trek White-faced Monkeys & Gorillas in Nigeria

The Cross River National Park is Nigeria’s only national park with a tropical rain forest. The park is enclosed by a humid tropical rain forest that covers the northern and central parts, mangrove swamps cover the coastal areas with the forest being crisscrossed by rivers and little streams. The Cross River National Park can be found in the south-eastern corner of Nigeria, and it covers a terrain of just about 4,000 km².

The park is being run as 2 divisions, with the Okwangwo Division being in the north and the Oban Division in the south. The Cross River National Park intends to look after and preserve the last remnants of the fauna and flora in this magnificent rain forest. By doing this, they also intend to endorse eco-tourism in Nigeria. The park is about an hour’s drive from Calabar, and it can also be connected through the Port Harcourt route.

Most tourists ultimately want to see the indigenous white-faced monkeys and the gorillas, and the Kanyang Tourist Village will give them unlimited opportunities to experience the Mbe Gorilla and the Obudu Cattle Ranch. The park is biologically very varied and is host to species of plants and animals that are almost certainly undiscovered. Rare species of Baboon, Gorillas, and Leopards dwell in the Cross River National Park – making it one of the ultimate tourist destinations for those wanting to spend some time with these glorious animals. Other striking animals such as Buffaloes, Wild Pigs, Forest Elephants, Antelopes, Chimpanzees, Manatees, and other monkeys can also be found in the amazing environment.

How to get to Cross River National Park

The distance between Abuja and Cross River is 470 km and using a 4×4 transfer a drive is possible.

Where to stay at Cross River National Park

Kanyang Tourist Village has a place for tourists to stay please check with us before traveling.

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