Chimpanzees at Okonni Wildlife Sanctuary

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Chimpanzees at Okonni Wildlife Sanctuary

Edo State is a state in Southern Nigeria. Its capital is Benin City. The 2014 estimated population of the Edo state is 5 million people. It is made up of 4 major ethnic groups; namely the Bini, Esan, Owan, and Etsako.

Visitors can visit the Okonni wildlife sanctuary, Chimpanzees are one of the most interesting species of animals in our world and here you can interact and play with these special animals to your heart’s content. Located in Benin City in the Edo State of Nigeria, this wildlife sanctuary was the first in the entire country to be protected by law for its conservation rights. This all happened in the month of August of 1985 and was a huge step forward for the people of the country, the conservationists, and the animals that needed protecting.

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) and the Edo State Government jointly own the sanctuary that is home to hundreds of protected species with also a wide array of rare monkeys and primates. Species such as the extremely rare White-throated monkey call this piece of heaven home, a place where they can relax and be animals without having to worry about the horrible consequences of what man has done and could do to them.

Other animals that tourists have the pleasure of seeing in this magical animal kingdom are the Mona monkey, the Potto buffalo, the Bush-baby, Porcupines, Red river hogs, Hornbills, and the Red Cangaby as well as the main attraction, Chimpanzees. One of the most fascinating species to watch as you’ll recognize many things they do resemble us. So take a break from the many equally interesting cultural sightings of Nigeria and go play with the Chimps and monkeys of Okonni Wildlife Sanctuary.

How to get to Edo state from Abuja

Edo state is located 420 km from Abuja and travelers can drive vehicles.

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