Canoeing to Isolated Calabar Beach

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Canoeing to Isolated Calabar Beach

Nigeria has over 700km of unpolluted sandy beaches which provides “Blue Lagoon” privacy and seclusion. Paddle to Calabar Beach which is situated at the mouth of the new Calabar River which is about two miles long and 500 feet wide. Calabar Beach is flanked by a swamp and can only be reached by boat or canoe that ensures a mystical adventure on the water as anybody else at the beach will also be stranded. There are fewer tourists at this uninhabited beach and the only sign of habitation is a solitary fisherman’s hut.

The beach is virtually isolated and lends visitors the luxury of privacy not just for water sports enthusiasts, these tourism developments of caves, tunnels, and waterfalls attract even the most dedicated couch potato to the active lifestyle. The weather is mostly normal along the coast as Nigeria lies in the tropical zone so an island adventure is guaranteed. The temperature rises up to 32 degrees but high humidity makes the nights extremely hot and the romance steamy or the adventure more heated.

Pack a picnic to have on the water or explore the coast while exercising your arms in the canoe or swimming or shading your eyes from the sun. This beach may seem like a mirage as the sand continues for miles without any pollution or people. When the silence gets too much, head back to civilization or the camp but Calabar Beach is not easily forgotten as you can always try to recapture that relaxation in your mind to avoid stress or escape from work pressures.

How to get to Calabar Beach

Travelers can book domestic flights from either Lagos or Abuja to Calabar.

Where to stay at Calabar Beach

Towards the end of the year, millions flock to Calabar for what has been called Africa’s Biggest Street Party. Coupled with the peacefulness and hospitality of its people, Calabar becomes a haven of festivities around December every year for the Calabar Festival. The Calabar Festival is a tourist delight for those in Nigeria and abroad. With the exposure of the city of the wider world, more relaxation centers have emerged including Marina Resort, Atlantis Lounge, and the most popular being Tinapa the biggest free Trade Zone in West Africa. For a cool sea breeze, many visit Toturga Island to enjoy its quiet serenity, perhaps after a long day at the Calabar Festival parade.

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