Visit Agadez Niger

Visit Agadez Niger

Visit Agadez Niger the ancient city of Agadez was established back in the 11th century and today it has turned out as a significant center of Islamic learning as well as an important seat for the Sahel sultanates. It is occupied mainly by the native Tuareg people popular for making leather handicrafts and metallic handicrafts which you can buy from the different stalls at the local markets. This city which is the fifth-largest in the whole of Niger was a popular stopover for many merchants that were crossing the desert on camels along the trans-Saharan trade route, And even today it continues to be a significant point along the trans-Saharan highway which is a truck route used to transport goods from the northern parts of the African continent to the South. The city remains highly populated, very vibrant, and busy with trade, so visitors who will make their way here will enjoy both ancient and modern-day ways of trading. Some of the important sites found here include the sultanate palace as well as the Agadez mosque that was constructed during the 16th century.

Things to do in Agadez Niger

Annual Nomad Festival Niger

The Cure Salee is also known as the Festival for Nomads which is an annual gathering of the Wodaabe and Tuareg people found in Ingall a town in the northern part of Niger. This ceremony is conducted in the last two weeks of August.

Grande mosquee d’Agadez

Agadez Mosque is a prominent mosque in Agadez, Tchirozerine Department, Niger. It was made of clay and is the tallest mud-brick structure in the world.

The old Quarter

These are set old buildings of the style that looks extra ordinary and visits can be extraordinary.

How to get to Agadez Niger

By road, it’s over 15 hours’ drive from the main capital Niamey which can be split into two days but the easiest way is to charter a private aircraft after receiving clearance from the government and you can land at the airstrip in Agadez.

Where to stay in Agadez Niger

There are no luxury lodges in the town but camping can be perfect but local lodging options include Auberge d’Azel, Hotel de la paix d’Agadez, and Auberge Tellit however an advance booking may be required during the Nomad festival season.

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