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Termit Massif Reserve Niger

Termit massif reserve Niger-The magnificent Termit and Tin Toumma regions of Niger are amongst the most important regions in the Sahara for wildlife, being the last remaining stronghold in the entire Sahara for a suite of threatened desert species.

Preserving biodiversity in the midst of a desert environment was the challenge faced by the French non-governmental organization (NGO) Noé, which obtained delegated management of the Termit and Tin-Toumma National Nature Reserve (RNNTT). The NGO has recently raised the alarm following the decision of the Nigerian authorities to declassify part of the reserve for oil exploitation. The RNNTT is a natural area located in eastern Niger.

A few plants manage to grow in this desert space, and it’s enough to support many herbivorous species such as the dama gazelle and the Dorcas gazelle that can only be found in this part of the world. The RNNTT also offers the opportunity to observe the parades of the cuffed sheep, a close family member of the goat. However, the main animal of this region is undoubtedly the addax, a species of antelope recognizable by its white coat, which distinguishes it from the reddish color of the desert animals are in very high danger of extinction.

All these herbivores must remain vigilant not to end up in the maw of the Sahelian cheetah, which has the necessary camouflage to fade into a treeless landscape. The RNNTT is also overflown by the white-throated bee-eater, which enjoys the insects that manage to survive in this desert environment.

Human activity will undoubtedly disturb the tranquility of animals, especially addax, which are naturally fearful. In addition, the presence of humans around the reserve increases the risk of poaching the endangered species. “There are three groups of addax in the Termit and Tin-Toumma reserve. They occupy a space of between 5,000 km and 6,000 km.

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