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Tadres Total Reserve Niger

The Tadres Reserve is a nature reserve in the central north of Niger, southwest of the city of Agadez. It is a Total Fauna Reserve IUCN type IV, covering some 788,928 hectares within the Agadez region. The reserve follows the northeast-southwest flow of the Tadres valley, a Kori or seasonal wash, and an ancient river bed south of the Air Mountains. It was originally dedicated to the protection of Oryx populations which have largely disappeared from the region. In the 1940s, the valley was an important migration route for the animals from the Tenere desert to the Adar in the south of the country. It remains a trans-Sahara route for domesticated cattle and camels, as well as wild Dorcas and Ménas Gazelles

Some of the biggest environmental threats in Niger include unsustainable agricultural techniques, land development, wildfires, increasing human population sizes, and illegal animal poaching. All of these factors have drastically reduced the number of important plant and animal species throughout the country, including the West African lion, Northwest African cheetah, elephants, buffalo, and West African giraffes.

How to get to Tadres reserve Niger

By road, its over 15 hours’ drive from the main capital Niamey which can be split into two days but the easiest way is to charter a private aircraft after receiving clearance from the government and you can land at the airstrip in Agadez and arrange a 4×4 to get to Tadres reserve Niger.

Where to stay in Tadres reserve Niger

There are no luxury lodges in the town but camping can be perfect but local lodging options include Auberge d’Azel, Hotel de la paix d’Agadez, and Auberge Tellit however an advance booking may be required during the Nomad festival season for further assistance on how to travel in Niger and safety please contact Wilderness Explorers Africa today.

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