Niamey City Tours Niger

Niamey City Tours Niger

Niamey is the capital and largest city of Niger. Niamey lies on the Niger River, primarily situated on the east bank.

You will see the city, the river, local villages (where you’ll meet locals), the National Museum and Zoo, the site of the new Presidential Palace, and the most interesting sights of the greater Niamey area.

Top this all off with some of Niamey’s nightlife and music (when available) and any particular interests of yours, which we will do our best to include in your trip as well.

Things to do and see in Niamey city tour

Visit River Niger

The Niger River feeds 4 African countries and millions of people in Africa and is home to dozens of tribes older than historical records and countless species. Glide down the main artery of Africa’s history, watching river life unchanged for thousands of years, lively open markets, the President’s Palace, hippopotamus, and traditional river life unchanged for eons.

Take a break from the hurly-burly dust and heat of Niamey to relax with landscapes and vistas out of another planet, as if transplanted from Mars. We relax and enjoy alongside the Niger River with a backdrop of sweeping sand dunes and natural springs.

Check out the Communities

A local community with village tourism programs keeps watch and security, Play on the dunes or just laugh and enjoy the outdoors. Tonight you will overnight in comfortable dry tents with mosquito nets.

Visit the National Museum of Niger

Musée National Boubou Hama is the national museum of Niger, located in Niamey. It was founded in 1959 as Musée National du Niger. Its first conservator, Pablo Toucet, designed the concept of the museum, according to which it was part of the Culture Valley of Niamey, proposed by Boubou Hama.

Getting around Niamey during the Niamey city tours Niger

We highly recommend hiring a private driver who will take you to places and ensure your safety and well taken care of during your visit.

Where to stay in Niger

Being the main capital of the West African state Niger city has a wide range of accommodation facilities at your choice and some of the recommended ones include hotel Gaweye and Radisson blu hotel and conference center.

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