Annual Nomad Festival Niger

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Annual Nomad Festival Niger

The Cure Salee is also known as the Festival for Nomads which is an annual gathering of the Wodaabe and Tuareg people found in Ingall a town in the northern part of Niger. This ceremony is conducted in the last two weeks of August.

Situated in Agadez Region, northern Niger, and roughly ten hours from Agadez city by road, the town of Iférouane is home to the popular Festival de l’Aïr. Held yearly since 2001, the festival is an opportunity for host communities, local actors, and tourists to reconnect and celebrate local traditions over three consecutive days.

Early one February morning, local businesses started setting up at the festival site, against the backdrop of Mount Tamgak. Under the scorching mid-day desert sun, local craftsmen sell their jewellery to curious tourists, while people vote to crown the best-trained camel at the other end of the site. Traditional dances were in full swing, as each of the 15 communes in the Agadez region proudly displayed its best outfits and talents — Iférouane was booming with life and enthusiasm.

“Seeing all these different communities come together for the weekend in one of the most beautiful parts of Niger gives hope for the future

How to get to Agadez for the Nomad festival Niger

By road, its over 15 hours’ drive from the main capital Niamey which can be split into two days but the easiest way is to charter a private aircraft after receiving clearance from the government and you can land at the airstrip in Agadez

Where to stay in Agadez during the Nomad festival

There are no luxury lodges in the town but camping can be perfect but local lodging options include Auberge d’Azel, Hotel de la paix d’Agadez, and Auberge Tellit however an advance booking may be required during the Nomad festival season.

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