Air and Tenere Addax Sanctuary

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Air and Tenere Addax Sanctuary

The Aïr and Tenere Addax Sanctuary is a nature reserve in the north centre of the nation of Niger. The reserve forms part of the larger Aïr and Tenere National Nature Reserve, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Air and Tenere National Nature Reserve covers 77,360 square kilometres of which 12,800 square kilometres from the Aïr and Tenere Addax Sanctuary.

Things to do Air and Tenere addax sanctuary

The Sanctuary exists to protect the critically endangered Addax, which once roamed much of the Air mountains and Tenere desert. Established 1 January 1988, the sanctuary the most restricted fauna reserve in Niger.

Plans in the early 1990s to reintroduce captive-bred Addax into the sanctuary were derailed by the advent of the 1990’s Taureg insurgency while re-implementation has been stopped by fighting which erupted in 2007.

How to get to Air and Tenere addax sanctuary

Access is usually by vehicle, although there are airstrips suitable for light aircraft. One national standard unmetalled road passes through the Reserve from Agadez through Iférouane to the Algerian border. All tracks within the reserve are surfaced and most follow the major wadis. Nearly all visitors travel in the security of convoys of 4WD vehicles organised by travel agencies based in Agadez and Arlit.

Where to stay in Air and Tenere addax sanctuary

Camping in the bush is possible but there are two small rest houses in the Reserve, both locally run, at Iférouane. In 1990 a visitor centre with the museum was built at Iférouane as an IUCN/WWF project. A village cooperative has been formed for camel and donkey trekking, to increase the tourist revenue reaching the local population.

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