Windhoek City Tours Namibia

Windhoek City Tours Namibia

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and is located in the epic center of the country which makes it easy to travel to any parts of the country from the capital city. Located on all three sides by mountains, Windhoek displays a fine amalgamation of European as well as African culture. Though it is situated in the deeper regions of Africa, Windhoek has all the modern amenities and it is also regarded as one of the cleanest African cities.

Namibia has been a German colony, there is a vast history behind it. You can choose to understand the history of the country by visiting the many historic locations in Windhoek. There is the Heroes’ Acre, the war memorial as a patriotic and nationalist symbol, which is situated at a distance of 10 km from the city. Then, visit the Independence Memorial Museum located at Windhoek hilltop and displays everything related to Namibia’s history. Another site to visit is a church named the Christuskirche, the oldest church in the country and stands out in terms of architecture and beauty.

Things to do in Windhoek city tours

Tintenpalast Gardens

You can visit the Tintenpalast Gardens which is a popular picnic spot. Those who wish to see exotic plants can head to the National Botanical Gardens off Sam Nujoma Avenue. It is in many ways the city’s lungs and is spread in 12 hectares. Some parts of it are landscaped but a major region of the gardens is presented in its natural form.

You can take a stroll on the many walking trails and see exotic, indigenous sand beautiful herbs, bushes, plants, and trees. You can also spend some refreshing time at the Avis Dam Nature Reserve located 2 km from the city. You can go on a nature trail, or go for bird watching or just spend some time in the company of refreshing and rejuvenating nature at the reserve. You are sure to come out all recharged! There is also the famous zoo park which is a popular picnic spot today but in the 60s, it was a zoo.

Shop for Local Crafts

Visit the Namibia Craft Centre to get a preview of the local art items. The best way to know and feel a place is through its indigenous materials. You can buy many beautiful souvenirs from here to carry a little of the rich culture of Namibia back home. You can also buy amazing handmade artifacts.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Of course, the prime attraction of any place is its cuisine. At Windhoek, you will find many places to taste the local cuisine and also to places where you can drink to your heart’s content. There are restaurants and other eating places. To taste great beer.

Have a Great Nightlife

When it comes to great nightlife, there are many places in Windhoek. Some must-visit places are the Boiler Room, 264, Club London, and more. Enjoy some amazing music and let your hair down gulping a drink or two. Of course, you need that after a hectic sightseeing day tour in Windhoek.

Katutura Township Tour

More than 60% of the city’s population lives in Katutura. There are tours to the area to witness local culture and history. It can take around three hours and visitors can get much information about the culture, habits, and life of the people.

Game meats at Joe’s in Windhoek

A must stop on any Namibia itinerary is Joe’s Beer House in the capital city of Windhoek. On the menu, you find a very exotic set of animals. Joe’s specializes in Namibian game meats including oryx, kudu, crocodile, ostrich, and even zebra.

How to get around Windhoek while on City tours

The best way to get around Windhoek is by hiring your own vehicle as the public transport might be tricky to align with the tourism destinations in the city.

Where to stay in Windhoek city

Being the main capital of Namibia there are no worries with where to stay and some of the recommended facilities include the olive exclusive all-suites hotel, The Windhoek luxury suites, Heinitzburg hotel, and Hilton Windhoek.

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