Waterberg Plateau Park Namibia

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Waterberg Plateau Park Namibia

The region hosts numerous private game farms and reserves including luxurious game lodges. Some of the game farms dedicate themselves to the protection of Africa’s big cats. This is one of the reasons for the formation of the „Waterberg Conservancy“, an alliance of several farms to form a game and nature reserve, which covers an area of more than 20,000 ha. Part of this area is the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) dedicated to the protection of the cheetah.

The plateau of the Waterberg rises about 200 m above the surrounding area. As the top layers consist of porous rock precipitation seeps through the rocks and allows lush vegetation at the foot of the mountain.

The area around the mountain was declared a nature conservation area in 1972. Some game species have been reintroduced for example the hook-lipped and square-lipped rhinoceros. Buffalo, many species of antelope, leopards, and cheetahs are also found at the mountain. More than 90 mammals and 200 bird species have been recorded, as well as various reptiles.

The Waterberg is not only known as a touristic highlight, but also for its historic background. In 1904 the battle of Waterberg took place here at the mountain preceded by an uprising of the Herero. Depending on the source between 40,000 and 65,000 Herero died during and after the battle. Some historians regard this battle as genocide by the German troops under lieutenant-general von Trotha. This part of Namibian history still remains highly controversial.

At the centenary commemoration of the battle, which took place on 14 August 2004, the German Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul confirmed the moral guilt of the German troops. Nevertheless, a formal-forensic acceptance of guilt has never been established, which could result in a compensation claim.

Things to do at the Waterberg Plateau Park Namibia

Walks and Hikes

You can explore the red cliffs of the Waterberg Plateau, Namibia, on various marked paths or go on guided walks that are offered at lodges and camps in the area. Overnight hikes take place over 4 days from April to November and you can follow the trail yourself or take a guided option.

Tracking wildlife

Rhino tracking and following Hyena and Leopard movements; the Waterberg has the highest concentration of Leopard in Namibia. The plateau is about 200 meters off the ground and the views to the horizon are wonderful.

Visit the San Bushmen

The first human inhabitants were the San Bushmen. Visit their rock engravings that are believed to be several thousand years old. Long before colonial times, this area was the home of the Herero people. The Herero grew wealthy through cattle ranching and often clashed with local Nama tribes and later the German settlers.

How to get to Waterberg Plateau Park Namibia

Waterberg Plateau National Park is located 300km/187mi northeast of Windhoek and 320km/200mi southeast of Etosha NP. The driving time from Windhoek is about 3½ hours and about 4 hours from Etosha.

There are no scheduled domestic services to towns close to Waterberg Plateau National Park there is an airstrip here for charter flights.

Where to stay at the Waterberg plateau Namibia

There are several places to stay at the Waterberg plateau and some of the places to look out for include Wabi Lodge, Waterberg Andersson camp, Waterberg valley Lodge and Waterberg plateau Lodge

When to visit the Waterberg plateau Namibia

For wildlife viewing, the Dry season (in particular July to September) is the ideal time to visit the Waterberg Plateau. Animals seek out water during this time and tend to stay around those sources. Foliage also routinely shrinks back in the hotter months making wildlife watching easier.

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