Spitzkoppe Granite Namibia

Spitzkoppe Granite Namibia

Known locally as the Matterhorn of the south, Spitzkoppe is a 120 million-year-old chunk of granite that springs out of the desert floor. Spitzkoppe is a 1784 meter tall rock formation is surrounded by nothing but miles and miles of flat desert.

Although it comes up a little short compared to the real Matterhorn, Spitzkoppe is a sight to see in Namibia. If you make a visit staying the night is a must, the stars in the dry desert air will amaze you. You can stay in one of the chalets at Spitzkoppen Lodge. Or we suggest camping in Spitzkoppe; it’s one of our favorite campsites in Africa.

Things to do in Spitzkoppe Granite Namibia

The area is a hikers’ and rock climbers’ paradise and the view from the top is an incredible reward for the effort of scaling the rock to get there. For those visitors that are interested in history, organized guided walks are available where a friendly guide will take you to view some of the numerous rock art sites, explaining the stories captured in the ancient drawings.

The area also has a restaurant and bar where an ice-cold beer awaits you after a walk or hike. More than anything else – there is always ice-cold beer in Namibia.

How to get to Spitzkoppe granite Namibia

Spitzkoppe is located approximately 180 kilometers (111.8 miles) from Swakopmund and 280 kilometers (173.9 miles) from Windhoek. To get there one will need to travel along the B2 highway passing Usakos. Continue for another 24 kilometers (14.9 miles) and then take the D1918 gravel road to Henties Bay. Drive for a further 18 kilometers (11.2 miles) until you see a turn off to D3716, this is the road to Spitzkoppe.

Where to stay while visiting Spitzkoppe granite Namibia

Clients can stay at Campsite where you can pitch a tent and stay for the night. The campsite consists of several secluded camping sites all of which have braai facilities.

Nearby accommodation options include Erongo wilderness camp which offers excellent accommodation, food, and guided walks.

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