Skydive over the Namib Desert

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Skydive over the Namib Desert

Get a face full of dry desert air while falling at over 100 mph toward the Namib Desert when you take the leap while skydiving in Namibia. Probably the most adventurous thing you can do in Namibia is jumping out of a plane.

Skydiving here will give you some epic views of the desert and sand dunes along with an adrenaline rush.

Taking a skydive over the Namib Desert is an epic experience – this is thought to be the oldest desert in the world, and its name translates to ‘the vast place’. It is an immense, arid expanse where virtually no humans live, that sees very little rain, and where the sand dunes can reach 300m high – the second tallest in the world. It is a truly awe-inspiring place to see from above.

After a transfer from Swakopmund, you’ll fly up to high altitude in a small plane before stepping out into thin air, with an amazing free fall of 35 seconds! Then after the instructor tugs the cord, it’s a stately glide down to earth for around seven minutes. As you parachute down you will be able to see where the Namib dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean, and you may also see some desert wildlife including ostrich, antelope, maybe even a desert elephant!

You’ll take a scenic flight up to 10,000, 12,000, or 15,000 feet and see the unique Atlantic Ocean where it meets the Namib Desert Dunes. The aircraft door will open and you’ll jump attached to a world-class qualified tandem instructor. You’ll free-fall for about 35 seconds (10,000ft) and experience the feeling of human flight. Your instructor will then open the parachute and you get to fly over the oldest desert in the world, suspended from your parachute for approximately 7 minutes and then finally the instructor lands you safely on Mother Earth.

Most tours go from Swakopmund and we highly recommended you get more info on skydiving here.

Where to stay while Skydive over the Namib Desert

Strand Hotel Swakopmund

Strand Hotel Swakopmund is the perfect venue for travelers wanting to explore Swakopmund. This Namibian icon has become a popular destination resort for international, Namibian, and SADC visitors. With its extensive, unique, and creatively entertaining Restaurants, Bars, Deli, Lobby-Lounge, Sea Facing Terraces, Beach Kiosk, and state of the art Conference & Banqueting Centre, all set on the Mole, a historic and iconic site surrounded by Ocean on three sides, the Strand Hotel Swakopmund is a social epicenter and destination in itself for all visitors to and residents of Swakopmund.

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