Naankuse Sanctuary Namibia

Naankuse Sanctuary Namibia

The Naankuse Foundation is a conservation charity dedicated to preserving the landscapes, cultures, and wildlife of Namibia. Originating as a small wildlife sanctuary nestled in the Namibian bush, Naankuse is now a world-famous conservation organization.

The Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary provides a safe haven and second chance for countless injured, orphaned, and conflict animals. Wherever possible our aim is to release animals back into the wild.

Enjoy breakfast with the founder of the Naankuse Foundation, Marlice Van Vuuren, before you are escorted on a caracal walk. Learn more about the research and volunteer program as you visit the animal food preparation area.

Encounter the protected animals during a play session with the baby baboons, meet the three-legged cheetah and the other three tame cheetahs, and observe the wild dogs and lions.

Things to do at the Naankuse Sanctuary Namibia

Guided Nature Walk

Navigate through the Naankuse Sanctuary on a 5km guided nature walk. Bird lovers will be in paradise as possible sightings of lilac-breasted rollers, kori bustards and African hoopoe become visible. The walk that takes place in the late afternoon might also introduce you to the free-roaming warthogs, antelope, and black-bearded jackals of the reserve.

Ancient San Skills Academy

This is an opportunity to learn about the culture of the San through interactive activities, such as fire-making, making bows and arrows, and tracking wildlife in the traditional way.

Bushman Stories under the Stars

Get comfortable around an evening bushfire as your local guide shares his stories about the stars and the universe with you. Share in their unique culture as you enjoy a private show of traditional San dancing and singing.

Carnivore Feeding Tour

Meet the carnivores of Naankuse during an informative feeding tour of the cats – lions, leopards, caracals, and cheetahs – and even some wild dogs and baboons. Qualified guides will feed the animals as you watch and afterward, exciting close-up photo opportunities are available.

Cheetah Walk

Kiki, the sanctuary’s cheetah, embarks on a guided walk through the reserve at 08:00 each morning. Join in on the experience and spot small antelope and white-back vultures along the way.

Caracal Walk

Experience the wild instincts of the sanctuary’s tame caracals as they stalk birds and small mammals in their natural environment. The morning walk will allow you to experience the tranquility of the veldt.

How to get to Naankuse Sanctuary Namibia

Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary has located just 45km from Windhoek (Namibia’s capital) and 35km from Windhoek’s International Airport

Where to stay at Naankuse Sanctuary Namibia

Naankuse Lodge

The Naankuse Lodge is the only Charity Lodge in Namibia; all profits from our lodge are returned back to our charitable projects. Naankuse supports the local San community and activities are led by the local San. Volunteers looking to help with conservation can join the Volunteer Program offered on the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary. The program offers volunteers the rare and exciting opportunity to work closely with and actively participate in the conservation of African wildlife.

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