Dune 45 Namibia

Dune 45 Namibia

Dune 45 is a star dune in the Sossusvlei area of the Namib Desert in Namibia. Its name comes from the fact that it is at the 45th kilometer of the road that connects the Sesriem gate and Sossusvlei.

Namibia’s most famous dune is none other than Dune 45. While it is not the tallest in the Namib Desert it is the most popular because you are allowed to climb this perfectly shaped sweeping sand dune.

Every morning a handful of adventure-ready visitors make the trek up to the top of this 80 meter (262 feet) tall dune. While it may look like an easy trek while looking up from the base, climbing Dune 45 at sunrise is no easy task, but worth every step. Look closely at the picture and you can see a few people at the top that look like little specks.

Visitors are allowed to climb Dune 45, so be sure to visit early in the morning to watch the sunrise over the vlei from the top of the Dune.  The Dune is 85 meters high and the climb is well worth the effort as from the top you will be spoilt with the incredible panoramic view of Dune Valley. In the morning and evening light, the floor of the pan has been described as a “moonscape” and is truly a sight to behold.

How to get to Dune 45 Namibia

Dune 45 is located 380 km from the main capital Windhoek and upon arrival at the Sesriem gate the dune is located +/- 45 km from the entrance and it’s one of the most visited Dunes in Namibia.

Where to stay while visiting the Dune 45 Namibia

Staying in the park for sunrise, your only options are Sesriem Campsite and Sossus Dune Lodge. Sesriem Campsite is the only campsite available inside the park, right beside the gate. This is the only campsite that allows visitors to get in the park an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset when the inner gate opens and closes. Facilities and service are basic, though there is a pool which is great after a long day under the hot sun.

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