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Cheetah Conservation Fund Namibia

Namibia is home to the largest population of wild cheetahs in the world. More than 20% of what’s left of the world’s wild cheetahs can be found here. Unfortunately, cheetahs can sometimes prey on domestic animals like cattle and when that happens they are usually shot or trapped.

In an effort to save the cheetahs a few groups have started rescue efforts to relocate and rescue cheetahs instead of killing them. While in Namibia you can visit one of these rescues to see the cheetahs and here you can even interact with them.

Cheetah Conservation Fund is located in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, about three hours north of the capital city of Windhoek. Our International Research and Education Centre is a renowned research facility that sets the standard for researchers and students worldwide seeking to learn more about the cheetah. It is a center for conservation programming and education, the base from which CCF reaches thousands of farmers, tens of thousands of students, and hundreds of thousands of online supporters worldwide.

Cheetah Conservation Fund is a one-of-a-kind place. Located near the city of Otjiwarongo in Namibia, Africa, CCF is a full-scale conservation NGO working to save the cheetah and its ecosystem. CCF also welcomes guests 364 days per year.

How to get to the Namibia Cheetah rescue center

The Cheetah Conservation Fund is a research and lobby institution in Namibia concerned with the study and sustenance of the country’s cheetah population, the largest and healthiest in the world. Its Research and Education Centre is located 44 kilometers (27 mi) east of Otjiwarongo and it’s located about 300 km from the main capital Windhoek

Where to stay at the Namibia Cheetah Rescue center

Cheetah conservation fund has guest house accommodations available at the center and clients can stay overnight.

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