Abandoned Classic Desert Cars of Namibia

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Abandoned Classic Desert Cars of Namibia

Another interesting thing to do in Namibia is going on a classic car tour. Scattered all around the country are old cars left in the desert. The dry air keeps them in good shape and they are quite a sight to see among the dry barren landscapes of Namibia.

A few places like the Canyon Roadhouse have a small collection of classic and antique cars parked forever in the desert. The roadhouse also makes a great place to spend the night whether you are camping or looking for a hotel room with a restaurant and bar.

Canyon Roadhouse

Near the Fish River Canyon, exposes a nice collection of classic and antique cars in their restaurant/ bar/ reception area, together with quite a lot of related paraphernalia.


Solitaire is not only famous for its apple pie, it also has a great collection of vintage cars scattered around. They are strategically placed to offer some amazing views over the spectacular surrounding landscapes. Walking between those old car wrecks is just amazing and gives such a nostalgic feel to the area, taking you back in time.

At Klein Aus Vista (on the way to Kolmanskop and Lüderitz)

You can see the remains of an old Hudson car, riddled with bullet holes. Legend has it that diamond smugglers were chased all the way from the coast of Lüderitz, a mere 120 km away, before they were caught by the police. The rusty car wreck has apparently been left, on purpose, exactly where it got shot at by the police, leaving a dramatic impression in the barren desert.

How to get to Canyon Roadhouse

The Canyon Roadhouse is situated in the privately owned Gondwana Canyon Park. From here, self-drive tourists have to drive only 14kms to the main viewpoint of the canyon. It is a sister property to both Canyon Village and Canyon Lodge.

Where to stay Canyon Roadhouse

Canyon roadhouse accommodation

Fill up on smiles at this extraordinary and out-of-the-ordinary lodge. Resembling a roadhouse of old with a large red roof, the lodge is a veritable treasure-house and a ‘must-do’ stop when visiting the canyon. The outside area hints at the wonderland interior with its rusty old Chevys and Fords from a bygone era adorned with corky quiver trees and desert flora. Park your vehicle and step inside.

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