Vilankulo Town Mozambique

Vilankulo Town Mozambique

This Mozambique tourist region boasts a new international airport and is part of the wonderful coastline of Inhambane. Did you know that Vilankulo is named after local tribal chief Gamala Vilankulo Mukoke and today the district is called Vilanculos and the town Vilankulo?

You will be fascinated by the traditional lifestyle here – local people deliver their own home-grown vegetables and fruits and fish to the lodges within the Vilanculos National Park. And you can find excellent accommodation in Vilanculos in the diverse choice of camping, backpacking, B&B, self-catering, lodges, resorts, and luxurious hotels.


Watch dhows traveling between this port and the islands all day and stroll around the numerous local markets to buy fresh fish or other necessities.

White Beaches

Vilanculos is known for its fantastic white beaches, coconut palms, clear Azure Ocean, warm weather, and island-style adventure and pampering atmosphere. Top of our bucket list here is Vilanculos Beach lodge and the now-famous Bahia Mar Vilanculos. Both offer great accommodation on the beach and great value for money.

Get way to Bazaruto Archipelago

Vilankulo is worth a mention if only as the gateway to the aforementioned beauties of the Bazaruto Archipelago and big game fishing safaris can be arranged from the town of Vilankulo

But not only for that either, and if you come here to linger a little before hopping aboard one of the bobbing dhows that wait on the shore, then you’re in for a laid-back treat.

Visit Markets at Vilankulo town Mozambique

Yep, this chilled seaside spot is also home to a clutch of its own campsites and leaning bamboo shacks, a lively local marketplace, and beer bars.

Add to that a smattering of deserted Indian Ocean beaches close to the town, where the horizon melds from golden yellow sand to cobalt-skies, and it’s easy to see why Vilankulo’s on the up!

Big Game Fishing

Fishing trips in hunt of Billfish, Fly-fishing and everything else in between. Morgan has been around a long time and is one of the first guides I would recommend to anybody wanting to fish in Mozambique.

How to get to Vilankulo town Mozambique

There are only three ways to visit Vilanculos by plane: from Johannesburg, Inhambane or Maputo. Like many other travelers, I traveled to South Africa before going to Mozambique. SA Airlink operates flights from Johannesburg to Vilanculos (and vice versa) daily. Some are direct.

Best time to visit Vilankulo town Mozambique

Mozambique has a tropical climate, with year-round warm temperatures. The best time to visit the Vilankulo town in Mozambique is during the dry season – which runs from May to November. These are also the cooler winter months.

Where to stay while visiting Vilankulo town Mozambique

Vilankulo is a tourist destination and some of the places to stay include Dugong beach lodge, Vilanculos beach lodge however there are many other places to stay in that area during your safari to Vilankulo.

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