Ponta d’Ouro Ocean bay Mozambique

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Ponta d’Ouro Ocean bay Mozambique

Ponta do Ouro is a breath of fresh ocean air, located just 10 kilometers by road from the South Africa border and butting up neatly to the deep-blue Indian Ocean.

A sleepy fishing town at heart, the place beats with the energy of some local tavernas and bamboo beach shacks.

These draw a small but user-friendly crowd of swimmers and snorkelers and surfers during the high season.

However, Ponta do Ouro is also becoming famous for its most elegant marine creature: the dolphin.

Excursions out to see the pods flipping and twisting through the waves out at sea are now one of the most popular activities!

Things to do in Ponta d’Ouro Ocean bay Mozambique

Scuba Diving

Ponta Do Ouro has a huge number of reefs, perfect for every level of scuba diver.

The reefs of Ponta Do Ouro offer a huge diversity in marine-life which ranges from Paper fish, Frogfish, and Spanish Dancers to Honeycomb Eels, huge Round Ribbon tail Rays, and many species of Turtle.

Swimming with Dolphin

Swimming with dolphins is a bucket list dream, and in Ponta Do Ouro you can swim with dolphins in their natural environment.

Your adventure starts with an exciting boat ride through the surf before getting up-close and personal with the dolphin.

How to get to Ponta d’Ouro ocean bay Mozambique

Ponta d’Ouro is 120km south of Maputo along a new tar-road. You no longer need a 4WD. Getting there on public transport has now become a lot easier thanks to the new road and the bridge replacing the ferry. The journey takes around 2 hours.

Best time to visit Ponta d’Ouro ocean bay Mozambique

The most popular time for travel to southern Mozambique is from April to September when the rainfall is low and the temperatures are milder. Access to Ponta D’Ouro is best via the Kosi Bay border of South Africa which is open from 8 am to 5 pm daily (arrival before 4:30 is advised).

Where to stay while visiting Ponta d’Ouro ocean bay Mozambique

Ponta Malongane Dive Camp

When you arrive our staff will show you the facilities, show you some fridge space in the communal kitchen and brief you on the necessities. All our Dive Camp staffs are very friendly, so if you have any questions about diving or the Dive Camp do not hesitate to ask!

The selection of water sport activities we provide at Complexo Turistico Da Ponta Malongane are all run from the dive center which is located at the Southern end of the resort at the dive camp. Perfectly situated a mere 30 meters from the beach with a sunset bar looking over the beach, our dive camp is completed with a self-catering kitchen, braai area, a benched dining area, a small pool for beginner scuba courses, a medical room (and first aider), kitting up decks and our compressor station capable of 232Bar air refills.

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