Pemba port City Mozambique

Pemba port City Mozambique

Pemba is a port town and the capital of Cabo Delgado Province, on Mozambique’s north-eastern coast. It sits on a peninsula jutting into the wide Pemba Bay, with coral reefs close to shore. East of the center, the long white-sand Wimbi Beach is backed by palm trees. The town is a jumping-off point for Quirimbas National Park to the north, which is home to dolphins, whales, and endangered dugongs.

Pemba crowns the tip of its very own peninsular on the coastal reaches of Cabo Delgado.

Known for its gorgeous colonial architecture and pretty Portuguese-style frontispieces, it does well to conceal the more industrial areas that have popped up here of late.

However, the city never really was the pull.

That honor goes to the strings of pearly-white African beaches that run along the shoreline nearby.

These magnetize huge crowds with their tropical sun and swaying palms, while the shimmering (and naturally deep) waters of Pemba Bay have become a mecca for SCUBA divers.

Things to do at Pemba port city Mozambique

  • Visit rustic fishing villages between the coves of Ibo Island

Pulling up to this 10-km stretch of coral in the Quirimbas Archipelago you see fisherman mending their nets, women in colorful khoi khoi’s collecting shellfish, dhows floating amongst the mangroves

  • Visit the beautiful Quirimbas National Park

The Quirimbas’ Archipelago is a chain of 28 islands, about 400 km long from Pemba city in the South to Palma city in the North. This region has always been recognized as an area of beautiful landscapes, enormous biodiversity of worldwide value, and also an important historical asset. The human settlements occupy 0.20% of the Park area and are scattered in various districts. The total inhabitants living inside the Park area.

  • Walks around forests of great baobabs

The town was built over rolling hills, and most people live in wooden huts set amongst the numerous thick baobab trees. And visits to these villages is possible while in Pemba city

Located inside the bay at Pemba Dive & Bush Camp Resort, An eco-friendly nature estate with 3 types of mangrove estuaries, bird watching, secluded sunset beach fire with savannah bush. You can walk inside 9m2 hollow ancient Nacole Baobab amongst 40 existing Baobab trees and see Large Split Face bats hanging above. During the war, this tree served as a hiding place for refugees.

  • See the sobering remnants of the slave trade at Ponta Romero.

Slave Trade Fort at Ponta Romero Lighthouse: It is an open plan historical monument where slaves were auctioned off, and is also a lookout point for incoming ships.

  • Scuba diving

The bay offers protection to an extensive variety of soft and hard coral that attract a legion of species, even the rare 1,000kg oceanic sunfish, large potato bass, Napoleon wrasses, dolphins, whales, and turtles, Ideal for professional marine photographers, in warm and calm waters.

How to get to Pemba port city Mozambique

You can fly in directly to Pemba – Mozambique via the Pemba Airport. The airport has international and domestic flights that run regularly.

You can also take a bus going to Pemba. There are major roads connecting Tanzania to Pemba, as well as to Nampula and Ilha de Mozambique.

Best time to visit Pemba city Mozambique

Diving in Pemba – Mozambique between the months of July and October is best as this is the mating season of the humpback whales. During this time, you can hear the whales singing their mating ritual songs as you dive down the waters.

Where to stay while visiting Pemba port city Mozambique

Avani Pemba Beach Hotel

Perfect for beach escapes, cultural exploration, and business gatherings, Avani Pemba Beach Hotel has everything you need with 168 rooms and suites the lodge is Located between Pemba Bay and Wimbe Beach which is A short walk from the ancient port town of Pemba with Striking architecture blending African and Arabian design and it’s a perfect gateway to the Quirimbas Archipelago and Niassa Reserve

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