Inhambane Beach Coastline in Mozambique

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Inhambane Beach Coastline in Mozambique

Long ago, Inhambane attracted traders from across the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

Spices, silks, and other exotic goods would drift into its wide bay on the southern reaches of modern-day Mozambique, only to drift out again laden with coveted East African goods.

Later, the bustling mercantile town and its favorable natural harbor became a favorite of the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, and those who followed made sure that Inhambane flourished under colonial rule.

That means there are plenty of charming baroque builds lining the streets, along with some great museums and a cemetery that could easily be plucked from the hills of Lisbon.

Inhambane is one of the oldest settlements in Mozambique, founded in 1560 by the Portuguese and now served by an airport and a harbor. A small town has evolved with banks, petrol stations, buses, and a museum. Many cafes line the streets and cultural activities are many.

Things to do in Inhambane beach town

Inhambane is one of the popular tourist destinations left in Mozambique and one of the best places to Dive in Mozambique to see Marine life.

Diving safaris to see the Giant Manta rays

Make sure you add diving to your holiday deal as this amazing Mozambique dive destination the world-famous Manta reefs a massive Manta cleaning station. Divers of all cultures and backgrounds flock to Mozambique’s Inhambane region to find Giant Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, turtles, and other splendid sea creatures. Some of the very best diving in Mozambique by far!

Explore the Ponta do Barra

Explore the Ponta do Barra (Barra Point) and its colorful coral reef tailor-made for diving and snorkeling. Nearby, Barra Beach is only 30 minutes from Inhambane town and a top Honeymoon destination in Mozambique.

Top leisure destination

Enjoy a drink at the harbor while watching the dhows ply their way across the bay, or stroll through the central market, “Mercado Central”, where traders sell everything from spices, prawns, and fish to fresh vegetables and cashew nuts.

Inhambane is the largest cashew nut growing area in Mozambique and the versatile coconut and citrus fruits also come from here.

Fishing safaris

Bring your fishing rod to hook huge game fish and organize other activities with your hotel of choice: dhow trips, sightseeing, parasailing, boat hire, horse riding, water skiing, and four-wheel motor buggy hire.

How to get to Inhambane beach coastline in Mozambique

You can drive or fly into Inhambane from Johannesburg and Maputo. Most roads are accessible by normal cars but some lodges require a 4×4 vehicle to get in. You drive more than 1 000 kilometers from Johannesburg, 580 kilometers from Kruger, and 480 kilometers from Maputo.

When is the best time to visit Inhambane beach coastline Mozambique?

To spot the magnificent whale shark migrations in Praia do Tofo and the Bazaruto Archipelago, the wet season is the best time to visit Mozambique. If you don’t mind the humidity then you can avoid the peak season (June – September) and visit between November and early-March.

Where to stay in Inhambane beach coastline Mozambique

Inhambane is a popular tourist destination and some of the popular lodges to stay in include Dunes de dovela eco-lodge, Tra vessia beach lodge, Bay view lodge Mozambique, Castelo do mar hotel, Barra beach club Praia do Tofo, and Eclectic beach retreat.

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