Inhaca Island Mozambique

Inhaca Island Mozambique

Facing the capital of Maputo across the waters of Maputo Bay, the small fragment of land that is Inhaca Island is a curious little treat and a perfect choice for day trips to escape the heat of the city.

Inhaca Island is a subtropical island of Mozambique off the East African coast. The 52 Km² Island separates Maputo Bay to the west from the Indian Ocean off its eastern shores.

The island is a regular destination for Eco tourists and ecological researchers. The central land area consists of cultivated fields, while grassy plains are found to the north, flanked by protected unseat-covered dune forests along the eastern and western shores. Extensively exposed mudflats fringe the western and southern shores at low tide. Mangroves cover large sections of the northern shores and southern Saco Bay.

Whale watching, although humpback whales migrate seasonally past these shores whale watching has never become a popular attraction here as the ocean is generally too rough and too far for Mr. and Mrs. Average, and hiring boats is very expensive. Southern right whales have become rare today though whales were historically abundant before they were wiped out by commercial and illegal hunts.

Inhaca is home to about 300 bird species, both resident and migratory. Species of conservation concern are the pink-backed pelican, lesser crested tern, crab plover, greater sand plover, Mongolian plover, Terek sandpiper, southern banded snake eagle, mangrove kingfisher, grey-rumped swallow, and spotted ground-thrush. The southerly Nhaquene Swamp and Saco Bay are strongholds for the sooty falcon, while terns roost on northerly Portuguese Island, Bird species of limited distribution are Rudd’s Apalis, Neergaard’s sunbird, and pink-throated twinspot. House crows are present since the 1970s.

Things to do in Inhaca Island Mozambique

The small island is small tropical in Mozambique and clients can enjoy a wide range of activities.

Experience Air charter flights

Experience a magical and breath-taking flight over Inhaca and Portuguese Islands. Air Charters can be arranged on Inhaca Island.

Deep-sea fishing tours

Deep-sea fisherman will be excited to hear that some of the world’s best big-game fishing is found off the shores of Inhaca Island, claiming a few world records for various sharks and big-game fish catches

Hiking tours to the Lighthouse

Located at the northern tip of Inhaca Island is the Inhaca Lighthouse. Boat excursions can take you between Inhaca and the Portuguese Island where you can reach the lighthouse 3km up a hill. The lighthouse keeper will guide you to the top of the lighthouse for a small donation, offering stunning 360° views.

Visit Ponta Torres

Ponta Torres is a protected coral reef reserve and is situated at the south point of Inhaca Island. There are beautiful coral reefs perfect for snorkeling. Boat excursions around the west coast of Inhaca Island are highly recommended.

How to get to Inhaca island Mozambique

You can drive a normal sedan car to Maputo Bay, but you will have to take a ferry to get to Inhaca Island. We always recommend you enter Mozambique in a 4×4 because you won’t be limited to where you can travel as well as the possibility of getting stuck.

Where to stay in Inhaca Island Mozambique

Some of the places to stay in Inhaca Island include Machangulo beach lodge, Nahyeeni lodge, Cabo beach villas, and Nhonguane lodge.

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