Hiking in Mount Mabu Mozambique

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Hiking in Mount Mabu Mozambique

Mount Mabu is a mountain in northern Mozambique, famous for its old-growth rainforest. Mount Mabu is approximately 1,700 meters (5,600 feet) high and the forest covers about 7,000 hectares (27 square miles). While well-known locally, the Mount Mabu forest and its extremely diverse wildlife were unknown to plant and animal scientists until 2005. It was “discovered” by scientists from Kew Royal Botanic Gardens by browsing Google Earth’s satellite view to look for potential unknown wildlife hot spots in Africa. It is frequently referred to as the “Google Forest”.

Surrounded by swathes of spiny pine trees and firs, the Lugela of the Zambezia highlands is hardly the sort of place you’d expect to find in the tropical reaches of East Africa.

But that’s precisely the sort of climactic shock Mozambique is known for, and folks heading to this station under the great colossus of Mount Mabu can expect a unique experience of the country.

Things to do in Mount Mabu

Hiking and trekking through the savannah habitats are possible nearby, while the mist-topped reserves of the Mabu Forest (thought to be some of the largest remaining swathes of primeval highland forest in Africa) are home to some seriously weird and wonderful fauna: pygmy chameleons; rare bush vipers; critically-endangered birds.

How to get to Mount Mabu

Mount Mabu is located approximately 1700 kilometers from the main capital Maputo and using a 4×4 vehicle the drive to Lugela of the Zambezia region can take 2-3 days depending on the time of the year.

Best time to visit Mount Mabu

June to October is the dry season, with often perfect tropical weather: clear skies, plenty of suns, and almost no rain. This is the best time to visit Mount Mabu and travelers have to be well prepared to venture into the rainforest

Where to stay during Hiking and trekking in Mount Mabu Mozambique

There are no lodges in the rain forest however hikers will camp in small tents while trekking and hiking Mount Mabu in Mozambique.

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