Zouerat mine town Mauritania

Zouerat mine town Mauritania

Zouerat is the largest town in northern Mauritania and the capital of Tiris Zemmour region with an approximate population of 44,649 (2013). It lies at the eastern end of the Mauritania Railway to Nouadhibou.

The town developed from its importance to iron ore mining. It is surrounded by the hematite mines of fdrick, Tazadit, and Rouessa. The town houses the regional administration and military for Tiris Zemmour. Most of the town’s population are employed directly and indirectly in the mining industry. A sizeable number of foreign workers from other African countries live in the town. Amenities include a medical clinic, social club, pool, school, and shop.

Things to do in Zouerat mine town Mauritania

There are not tourism activities in Zouerat however those experiencing the train experience can stop here on their way to Atar and Ouadane city which offer more tourist attractions unless you keen on checking out the mining fields.

The town has better services as the minefield workers are stationed here including the experts and with the flights, available travelers may easily connect from Morocco using Mauritania Air international.

How to get to Zouerat mine town Mauritania

Zouerat is connected to the port of Nouadhibou by the Mauritania railway Freight trains that transport the iron ore to the coast can be as long as 2.5 kilometers (1.6 mi) in length. The line is also used to bring in the entire town’s drinking water from Boulenoir.

Tazadit Airport is served by regular flights from/to Nouadhibou and seasonally from/to Casablanca using Mauritania Airlines International.

Where to stay in Zouerat mine town

There are basic places like Hotel Lyezid and Hotel tiris Zemmour that you can stay in as you wait to transit to Atar for more adventure however feel free to contact us for more travel information before booking as many changes happen over time.

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