Terjit Oasis Mauritania

Terjit Oasis Mauritania

Terjit is an Oasis (a desert spring or other water source), 45 km by road south of Atar and popular with Mauritania’s few tourists. It nestles in a gorge on the western edge of the Adrar plateau with the palm grove stretching a few hundred meters alongside a stream that emerges from a spring.

There is a modest fee to enter and tourists can pay to stay in tents in the palm grove. It is often used for tourism for its charm, freshwater, and shade.

Historically, it has been used for religious ceremonies, especially wedding ceremonies, as well as the coronation of a few African princes.

Things to do in Terjit Oasis Mauritania

One of the top places to visit while you’re in Atar is the extraordinary oasis lying behind an insane landscape.

Experience the Oasis

The Terjit Oasis was known to the locals as paradise in hell.

For hundreds of years, it had been a place of rest and shelter for caravans and insanely brave lone wayfarers who decided to travel through the vast Sahara Desert.

A small valley that stretched no more than a few hundred meters provided weary travelers with rest, enjoyment, and deliverance, albeit briefly, from the sweltering heat and hot winds. Here one could plunge into a pond filled with clear cold water from artesian sources, replenish drinking water before continuing their journey, and treat themselves with fresh fruits from the palm grove.

Incredible landscape

At the bottom and the junction where the paved road N1 called Route d’Aoujeft meets the sand road that takes you to the valley at the top.

How to get to Terjit Oasis Mauritania

Terjit Oasis is located 46 km from Atar town and by 4×4 it should be an easy trio that can take 1-2 hours while photographing on the way to the oasis

Where to stay in Terjit Oasis Mauritania

Although international tourism is almost non-existent, Terjit has always been a pilgrimage destination even for adventurous travelers.

The Oasis Hostel – in other words, tents with carpets and mattresses – is located in the area where water flows from the basins
Tourists can find a guest house in the Terjit Village or they can camp with their own equipment, respecting the quiet and preserving nature.

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