Kiffa Town Mauritania

Kiffa Town Mauritania

Kiffa is a large town in the far south of Mauritania, and the name of an administrative area within the local Assaba Region. Kiffa is located at some 600 kilometres (370 mi) from the coast and at the western end of the Aoukar sand sea of southern Mauritania.

The south region of Kiffa was home to one of the most notable bead making centres in West Africa, famous for its now-antique Kiffa beads made exclusively by women from secret recipes involving powdered glass. Raymond Maun documented most of the local bead-making process in 1949 but was unable to discover the special “glass-cream recipe” still kept secret by local women.

Things to do in Kiffa town Mauritania

Kiffa may not be too tourist but explorers it can be a place to look out for while in Mauritania however the tourist numbers are very low in this area so this will give you one of the best true Africa experiences of a lifetime.

Meet the women making beads

You can visit the women that make beads for sell in the town and learn more about the history of the bead making, this is one of the extraordinary tradition craft-making traditions in Africa.

Village tours

Local visits to the nearby villages can be arranged with local guides and being an Islamic state some laws might come in and tourists are expected to respect the cultural norms of the local people.

How to get to Kiffa town Mauritania

Public buses to do go to Kiffa but we recommend you take a private car to cover the 450 km which takes about 10 hours from the main capital Nouakchott.

Where to stay in Kiffa town Mauritania

Travellers can look out for Maison de l’hote Kiffa Mauritania and hotel Kiffa while travelling to Kiffa for an exploration safari.

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