Niger River in Mali

Niger River in Mali

The main river of Western Africa runs in a crescent through Niger, Mali, Benin, and Nigeria It has been the mainstay of the region for many years, as a transport route and also for fishing and farming. Its waters provide the perfect frontage to many of Mali’s cities and towns and are a beautiful place for a photo op.

Lake Débo is a Lake in the central part of Mali formed by the seasonal flooding of the Niger River basin. It is in the Inner Niger Delta of the Niger River. During the high water stages of the river, the delta formed by lakes, creeks, and backwaters forms part of Lake Débo. The inner delta has many wide channels, which are shallow and flooded marshes; this delta extends over a length of 320 kilometers (200 miles) with a width of 80 km (50 mi). Lake Débo during high flow season is at a distance of 80 km (50 mi) from Mopti on its upstream, on the southern end and 240 km (150 mi) from Timbuktu at its downstream, on the north-eastern end. It is the largest of many such seasonal wetlands and lakes which form the inner delta, and the largest lake within Mali. Its size is largely reduced during the dry season of September to March. The existence of this lake called the “Great Lake” in the inner delta of Niger River between Jenne and Timbuktu in Mali has been established after extensive study of maps of the region extending over a period from 1000 to 1900 AD; 400 maps were studied for the period.

Things to do at Niger River Mali

Local boat trips can be done on the River for sightseeing and few birds can be seen and sunset and some few resorts and fish markets are located along the river basin.

How to get to Niger River Mali

River Niger has located about 600 km from the capital Bamako and travelling it is possible by public buses and private 4×4 safari vehicles.

Where to stay near Niger River

Camping is the most popular way of spending a night along the river Niger in Mali and this is common on the boats that are making their way to Timbuktu when water levels are shallow they take about 3 days to arrive.

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