Mount Hombori Mali

Mount Hombori Mali

The Hombori region is one of these emerging destinations. Even though the number of tourists visiting the region is still limited compared to Djenne or the Dogon Country, Hombori is of interest in the study of tourism. The region was recently found to be highly valuable in terms of biodiversity. The summit of Mount Hombori – the highest mountain in the country – was more particularly identified as a Sahelian refuge for rare species but the plains surrounding the mountains with its seasonal lakes as well as the sand dunes populated by wild elephants are also noteworthy.

The highest point in Mali at 1,153 meters is Mount Hombori in the Mopti Region. The mountain with an inaccessible tableland at the top is a significant archaeological site as it has a number of caves that were inhabited over 2,000 years ago. The rugged mountain with its distinct flora and fauna used to attract a large number of tourists over the years, mainly because of its proximity to the main touristic spots of Timbuktu, Djenne, and Dogon Country.

Things to do at Mount Hombori Mali

The region also shares several cultural characteristics with the Dogon Country nearby, most notably villages built on high cliffs to survive the nomad slavery raids that attract mountain-based adventure tourists. Because of these features, the Hombori region is likely to experience a significant increase in tourism arrivals in the near future. One of the most crucial issues facing the region is to know how to combine the conservation of this outstanding biological site with the development of tourist.

How to get to Mount Hombori Mali

Mount Hombori Mali is located approximately 950 from the main capital Bamako and clients can take the bus or drive to Mopti town where you can arrange a 4×4 safari vehicle to drive to the mountain range.

Where to stay in Mount Hombori

You can contact the ministry of tourism of Mali for an opportunity for camping near the mountain and ensure you have everything you need before traveling to Mount Hombori.

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