Mopti City Mali

Mopti City Mali

The city of Mopti, nicknamed the Malian Venice, is built on islands surrounded by swamps and connected by dikes. The city stands at the confluence of the Niger and its main tributary, the Bani, Mopti, the capital of Mali’s fifth-largest economic region since 1960, is the regional capital and has more than 100,000 inhabitants. It’s an interesting city, Like Djenne; it has beautiful banco neighborhoods with its Moroccan-Sudanese style houses and its very beautiful mosque. It also allows the visitor to observe the intense activity of its very impressive river port. A strange atmosphere, sometimes reminiscent of the Asian ports of Hong Kong or Thailand, emanates from it. Pinnacles flow in from all over the region. They unload their goods: fish from the river, salt bars from Timbuktu, bags of rice from the delta, milk gourds, baskets of dates from Gao, onions from the Dogon country.

It’s all piling up at the port. Next to it is the fish market, whose presence is reminded by the strong smell of the surrounding area. From there, trucks loaded with tons of dried or smoked fish leave for neighboring countries. The change of scenery is so strong that the city never leaves one indifferent. Love it or hate it. The former is fascinated by the cultural diversity of the city, the authenticity of the port’s activity, and the richness of the crafts. The latter flee what is for them a heap of filth and rotten fish, and a city of delinquents and malicious guides. Either way, Mopti’s worth the detour. Moreover, if you want to buy souvenirs and handicrafts, this is the place to do it: prices are lower than elsewhere. You can also choose to stay in Sévaré.

Things to do in Mopti city Mali

Rent a guide with a motorbike from Mopti and spend 2 days out here. You can do it in one day but it would be a lot of riding. Learn about The theory of Dogon Creation while seeing this beautiful part of the country.

How to get to Mopti city Mali

Mopti has located 650 km from the main capital Bamako and buses operate routine journeys to the city but the best way for a tourist to travel is using a 4×4 vehicle and tries to do the trip in two days.

When the rivers are high, you can travel by boat to Mopti from both Timbuktu and Djenne Domestic flights also operate from Bamako and Timbuktu to Mopti.

Where to stay in Mopti city Mali

The places may not be of a high standard but they are good enough to have a comfortable night and some of the places include

  • Hotel Ya Pas De Problem
  • Hotel le Fleuve
  •  La Maison Rouge
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