Dogon Village Mali

Dogon Village Mali

Along the Bandiagara escarpment are the ancient dwellings of the Dogon people who have inhabited the area since the 14th century. Thirty Dogon villages are part of the escarpment with their strange shapes and structures adding an air of mystery to the land. Constructed from mud and sticks, these rectangular homes are carved into the walls of the cliffs, some blending so well into the landscape that they can hardly be detected. Prior to the ethnic violence that has shaken the region, visitors could stay in the UNESCO World Heritage villages and experience the uniqueness of their culture. Today, however, authorities advise against traveling to the region.

Things to do in Dogon Village Mali

The site of the Land of the Dogons is an impressive region of exceptional geological and environmental features. Human settlements in the region, since Palaeolithic times, have enabled the development and harmonious integration into the landscape of rich and dense tangible and intangible cultures, the best known of which are those of the Tellem, that are thought to live in the caves, and the Dogon.

One of the most characteristic forms of the Land of the Dogon is that of the Togu-Na, the large shelter, a long construction that provides shelter under a roof of branches supported by roughly-shaped wooden poles, for a platform with benches for the men.

How to get to Dogon Village Mali

Drogon village Mali is located on the Bandiagara escarpment is located close to 800 km from the main capital Bamako and buses are available that take about 11-12 hours to reach their final destination but on a private road trip, you may need at least two days to catch up with the drive and ensure you use a 4×4 safari vehicle.

Take enough drinking water and snacks with you

Where to stay in Dogon Village Mali

There are very few tourist facilities in this area and some of the places to stay in the Dogon Village Mainly include the Hotel de la Falaise and hotel Camaleon.

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