Bamako City Tours Mali

Bamako City Tours Mali

Mali’s capital Bamako is the largest city in the country and the nation’s administrative center. Located on the banks of the River Niger, the city first developed on the northern side of the river but later expanded to the south. Bridges were then built to connect the two regions, the first being the Pont des Martyrs in 1957. The capital city has some interesting monuments and places of interest like the National Museum of Mali which was opened in 1953 and the Great Mosque of Bamako. Other notable attractions are the 20 storeyed BCEAO Tower, the tallest building in the country, and the Sacred Heart Cathedral. Bamako has a big music scene that exploded with the music boom in the 1990s when two musicians from the city received international fame. The city has a diverse population comprising different ethnic groups from Mali and neighboring countries.

Things to do Bamako city tours Mali

The Dakar-Niger Railway, Bamako Grand Mosque, Cathedral of Bamako, and the various museums, gardens, and zoo that dot the cityscape are among the many attractions that make Bamako a tourist delight.

Finding your way around town is pretty easy and affordable. The local green buses, called Sotrama, are primarily used for commuting. Markets abound at almost every turn in the city and you can literally find and buy basic necessities in any of these markets.

Bamako has an amazing nightlife and many of the clubs play host to international artists as well as the local ones who take turns to light up the night all week long.

How to get to Bamako city Mali

Bamako-Sénou Airport is roughly 15km (30–40 minutes) from the city center, with flights from Paris on Air France. Flights to Europe are also offered by Royal Air Maroc, via Casablanca the main drawback to this option is that the flight from BKO to Casablanca leaves at 3:35 am. Taxi rides should cost about 7000 CFA from the city.

Where to stay in Bamako city Mali

Their many options to stay in Bamako and some of our recommended properties include Radisson blue hotel Bamako, Sheraton Bamako hotel, and Laico hotel el Farouk Bamako.

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