Which currency will I need in Malawi on safari?

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Which currency will I need in Malawi on safari?

Which currency will I need in Malawi on safari?

Called the “Warm Heart of Africa,” in the native language, Malawi locals exude friendliness. It’s common for strangers to wave and greet visitors as if they know them. The currency used throughout the country is the Malawian Kwacha. Some large hotels will accept major credit cards. ATMs can be found sparingly in the country.

However, while planning a safari to Malawi it is extremely very important to note that major foreign currencies like the American dollar, the Euro, and pound sterling are accepted across the country in major tourist sites however the determination of the foreign currency against the local currency is the biggest question, in Forex bureaus across the major cities the bigger foreign currencies will score more value than the smaller bills but the further away you go into the remote areas then the rate even drops further for the foreign currencies.


Bigger hotel brands will accept major credit cards and foreign currency in form of the American dollar, British pound, and the Euros to pay bills at the hotels but you must ensure the Notes are extremely new with no ink or writing on them.

Buying souvenirs

When you go shopping for souvenirs it’s very important to take both dollars and the Malawian Kwacha as prices may differ from local currency to foreign currency however our guides will always be ready to guide you.

Tipping guides and hotels

This can be done in any currency as most of them have access to the big cities and they can exchange the money for local currency.

Enroute meals and coffee

This will require Malawian Kwacha as most of the prices in the high restaurants are in the local currency and this will perhaps save time for your journey as the exchange rates can be tricky for the local hotels to determine.

How much to carry for a trip to Malawi

Excluding bar bills and souvenir shopping anything between 500$-700$ should be pretty plenty for the small trip expenses however we recommend contacting our travel experts for updated figures for your particular expeditions.


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