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Majete wildlife reserve Malawi

Majete wildlife reserve Malawi

Majete Wildlife Reserve is a virtually undiscovered destination in Malawi making it a top destination for exclusive expedition destinations with unique and exciting safaris. Majete is also the only official Big 5 Park in Malawi. Malawi is not a wealthy country, but there are great riches in the people.

Located in the south of Malawi close to the city of Blantyre, Majete is an area of 207 square miles, part of Africa’s Great Rift Valley. The reserve is made up of mature miombo woodlands and granite topped hills that contrast with picturesque river valleys and lush riverine forests. It is one of the big success stories in African conservation, as, after decades of poaching, hard work has turned the reserve back into a sustainable development as well as the only official Big 5 Game Park in Malawi. Now previously-endangered species live and breed there and you can look forward to amazing encounters.

Size of Majete wildlife reserve

Majete Wildlife Reserve is a 70,000-hectare tract of pristine bush in the southern region of Malawi, one hour’s drive from Blantyre.

Location of Majete wildlife reserve

Majete Wildlife Reserve is a nature reserve in southwestern Malawi, established as a protected area in 1955.

How to get to Majete wildlife reserve

The drive from the international airport is five to six hours, in normal conditions optionally clients can fly from Lilongwe to Blantyre airport that are roughly 50 minutes in duration then from there the park is one hour and a half from Blantyre’s Chileka International Airport.

Things to do in Majete wildlife reserve

  • Morning and Afternoon drives
  • Boat excursions on the Shire River
  • Bush/Bird walk
  • Mabele hill hike
  • Community Guide (accompanying a private car)
  • Community visits

Best time to visit Majete wildlife reserve

July to October of the Dry season is the best wildlife viewing time. At this time, water is scarce so the wildlife tends to gather at the remaining water sources. Keep in mind that October is very hot and not the ideal time for being in the bush.

Where to stay Majete wildlife reserve

Mkulumadzi Lodge

Located on the banks of the Shire River, Mkulumadzi Lodge has 8 stunning chalets where you can relax and fall under the spell of the sights & sounds of the river, in the heart of Majete Wildlife Reserve.


Set on the edge of the beautiful Majete Wildlife Reserve in the Lower Shire Valley, Thawale is a rustic haven that offers guests the opportunity to experience the Big 5.


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