Can I use a credit card in Malawi

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Can I use a credit card in Malawi

Can I use a credit card in Malawi

Malawi’s financial sector consists of banks, microfinance institutions, financial cooperatives, insurance companies, several pension funds, and a stock exchange. It is dominated by banks, which represent about 65% of financial sector assets.

While traveling to Malawi it is very important to understand what you expect in terms of financial prospects, our experts have fully broken down how you could easily deal with financial expenses while traveling to Malawi.

The Kwacha is the official currency in Malawi since 1970. The Kwacha was adopted based on the Zambian Kwacha, which was used in Zambia since 1968. But foreign currency like US dollars, and Euros can be used in tourism areas or can be changed to Malawian local currency in the forex bureau in Lilongwe, and also credit cards can be used in many tourist destinations however clients must bring new notes with them and try to get the latest and changed cash for use in Malawi like in souvenir shops may be easy if you have changed money.

Currency to carry

We recommend carrying up-to-date American dollars, Euros, and British pounds, please ask your bank for the latest notes and clean notes as the forex Bureau and Banks strictly accept new and clean notes without ink and any writing and they must be the latest year of printing.

Credit cards

Most tourist attractions will accept cards however there will always be a surcharge of 3-10% of the total fee to be paid and also due to the remote nature of the destinations sometimes the signal can be pretty bad to carry out the transaction so we highly recommend making payments using the card to be done the night before check out from your lodge and endeavor to check the print out of the transaction and this could help save time in the morning during your transfer to the next destination.

What we say

We recommend contacting our Africa travel experts for updated expenses for your specific safari and you can easily take enough cash with you.


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